Joint Law Enforcement Patrol Targets Highway 62 to Enhance Safety

In a collaborative effort, law enforcement agencies from across the metro are gearing up for a joint saturation patrol on Oregon Highway 62 (OR62) this weekend. Starting Friday, September 29, and continuing through Saturday, officers will be out in force along the stretch of OR62 from the Big X intersection in Medford (where 62, 238, and 99 meet) to Shady Cove.

This operation comes in response to alarming statistics, with 75 motor vehicle crashes reported on this particular section of OR62 so far this year. These incidents have resulted in 18 injuries and three fatalities, prompting a proactive approach to enhance road safety.

Funding for this joint operation has been made possible through a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation, emphasizing the state’s commitment to reducing accidents and saving lives on its highways.

The primary focus of this extensive operation will be the enforcement of the Oregon State Police’s “Fatal 5” categories: Speeding, Occupant Safety, Lane Usage, Impaired Driving, and Distracted Driving. These five categories of traffic violations have been identified as the main contributors to serious injuries and fatal crashes on this highway.

The collaborative effort involves multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police (OSP), as well as the Medford, Central Point, Phoenix, and Eagle Point police departments. By working together, these agencies aim to create a visible and effective presence on OR62, sending a clear message to motorists that safety is paramount.

Drivers are urged to exercise caution, obey posted speed limits, ensure proper seatbelt use, stay in designated lanes, avoid impaired or distracted driving, and respect the rules of the road. Increased patrols and heightened enforcement are expected throughout this weekend to promote safer driving habits and reduce the number of accidents on this critical highway.

    Source: JCSO

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