Oregon State Police to Enhance Patrol Efforts for Football Game Traffic

In anticipation of the upcoming home football games at Oregon State University and the University of Oregon, the Oregon State Police are gearing up for enhanced patrol efforts to ensure the safety of motorists traveling on Interstate 5 from Eugene to Portland and the state highways and public roadways connecting Corvallis and Eugene on Saturday, September 16.

With both universities hosting home football games, it is expected that a significant number of motorists will be converging on the area. This influx of traffic raises concerns about road safety, and the Oregon State Police are calling on the public to assist in maintaining safe highways for all travelers.

The primary focus of the Oregon State Police’s efforts will be on reducing violations of the “Fatal Five” categories: Speed, Occupant Safety, Lane Usage, Impaired Driving, and Distracted Driving (SOLID). These categories have been statistically proven to contribute to serious injuries and fatal crashes on the road.

To ensure the safety of everyone on the road, motorists are strongly encouraged to plan their trips in advance, allowing ample time to reach their destinations without resorting to excessive speeding, using mobile devices, or driving under the influence. It’s essential to prioritize responsible and safe driving practices, especially during times of increased traffic volume.

The Oregon State Police remark they are committed to their mission of protecting lives and property, and they appreciate the cooperation and responsible behavior of all motorists as they strive to maintain safe roadways during this busy event. Stay safe and enjoy the game!

Source: OSP

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