One Dead and One Injured in Bizarre Josephine County Car Crash

On August 21, 2023, at 7:35 PM, Josephine County Sheriff’s Office received reports of a silver hatchback concealed among bushes near Milepost 6 on Lower River Road. Sheriff Dave Daniel, who was on duty, responded promptly to investigate the suspicious activity.

According to eyewitnesses, the hatchback driver would lurk amidst the greenery, waiting for passing vehicles before unleashing a series of engine revs that resembled machine gun fire. Sheriff Daniel, following the report, immediately set out to pinpoint the source of this unusual occurrence.

Upon arriving at the scene, Sheriff Daniel identified a vehicle matching the given description hurtling eastward at an alarming speed of 90 miles per hour. In an attempt to prevent further danger, he turned his vehicle around to attempt and bring the vehicle under control. However, as he navigated a corned, a plume of dust marked the aftermath of a serious crash.

The vehicle, identified as a 2005 Volkswagen Golf, lay heavily damaged near the roadside. The severity of the crash necessitated the assistance of Rural Metro and American Medical Response (AMR) teams.

The vehicle had been occupied by two individuals, one of whom was pronounced deceased at the scene. The deceased driver was identified as 25-year-old Brooks Kimball. The passenger was transported by AMR to Rogue Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Brooks Kimball’s next of kin has been notified, according to law enforcement. In response to the gravity of the crash, the Oregon State Police Crash Reconstruction Team has been activated to process the crash site. Subsequently, the entirety of investigation has been handed over to the Oregon State Police for further analysis.

As of now, authorities are withholding additional information surrounding the circumstances leading to the crash.

Source: JoCo SO

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