Man Arrested After Harassing Ambulance Crews and Leading Police on Pursuit

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On Saturday morning, August 19th, the Medford Police Department responded to a series of incidents involving Parker Joseph Latham, a 31-year-old resident of Medford. Latham was reported to have harassed and interfered with multiple Mercy Flights Medical Ambulance crews at various locations within the city.

According to police reports, the suspect was driving a silver Toyota 4Runner, using his vehicle to block-in Mercy Flight ambulances and engaging in disorderly behavior towards medical crews. Medford Police patrol officers initiated investigations into these incidents but were unable to locate Latham until a subsequent report came in at approximately 3:05pm.

In response to the new information, which indicated that Latham was once again harassing a Mercy Flights crew near the Olive Garden at Crater Lake Hwy and Delta Waters Road, Medford Police located the suspect vehicle in the parking lot. Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies were called in to assist, due to their previous familiarity with the suspect and his history of uncooperative behavior and vehicle eluding.

As officers attempted to contact Latham in his vehicle, he accelerated over landscaping and onto the roadway, embarking on a reckless journey through northeast Medford. Despite the Medford Police Department’s pursuit policy prompting them to discontinue the chase, Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies maintained visual contact with the suspect vehicle, providing real-time updates.

Latham continued to drive recklessly, navigating neighborhoods and overtaking other vehicles at dangerous speeds. The pursuit reached a critical point when the suspect’s vehicle collided with a Sheriff’s Department vehicle near the roundabout at Springbrook Road and Cedar Links Drive. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in relation to the collision.

Law enforcement personnel from both the Medford Police Department and Jackson County Sheriff’s Office were able to successfully apprehend Latham without further incident. Following his arrest, Latham was lodged at the Jackson County Jail on an array of charges, including Disorderly Conduct, Driving while Suspended (Misdemeanor), Attempted Assault 1, Attempted Assault on a Police Officer, Attempting to Elude (Vehicle), DUII, Reckless Driving, and Criminal Mischief (1st Degree).

The suspect was also involved in an earlier incident with JCSO SWAT on July 27, 2023. He allegedly barricaded himself inside of a Gold Hill area home after leading authorities on a police chase during that encounter.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

Source: GPPD

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