Dog of the Week: “Spartan” is Ready to Make Family Memories

This week, Medford Alert is shining the spotlight on Spartan, a charismatic 5-year-old German Shepherd, as part of our “Dog of the Week” series. Spartan has been a loyal resident at the Jackson County Animal Services for over 150 days, patiently waiting for a loving forever home to call his own.

Spartan is not your average pup; he’s a high-energy companion with a heart full of love and a spirit ready for adventure. If Spartan could talk, he would say, “I am a high energy guy, and I need a family that will invest in training me and keeping me mentally and physically stimulated.” Like many of his fellow German Shepherds, Spartan takes his role of ensuring the safety of his home and family quite seriously. He’s a vigilant patroller of the yard, always ready to leap into action and stand guard.

Don’t let his age fool you – Spartan is all about embracing new experiences and learning. Basic obedience and proper leash training are still essential for him, and he’s already mastered commands like “sit” and walking well on a leash. His playful spirit extends to the water as well, as he adores splashing around in the pool.

While Spartan’s enthusiasm is admirable, he can be a bit jumpy and mouthy at times. Therefore, he’s looking for a dedicated home that can guide him towards becoming an exemplary breed ambassador. His ideal family would not only provide him with training but also engage him in activities that tap into his intellectual curiosity.

Spartan’s interactions with fellow canines have been selective during his stay at the shelter. If you’re considering adopting him and already have furry friends at home, a proper introduction would be necessary to ensure compatibility and harmony.

For those captivated by Spartan’s charm and are interested in adopting him, the Jackson County Animal Shelter invites you to reach out. To learn more about how you can meet this incredible dog and potentially make him a cherished member of your family, please contact the shelter at 541-774-6654 and press 5 for adoptions.

Give Spartan the chance he deserves to bring his loyal companionship and boundless energy into your life. Remember, adopting a shelter dog like Spartan not only changes his life but also enriches yours in ways you may have never thought possible.

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