85-Unit Townhouse and Apartment Complex Planned Near Ford Street

In a bid to address the overwhelming demand for residential units in the area, a pre-application was recently submitted by developers to discuss a land division and townhouse development project. Situated on two parcels totaling approximately 4.03 acres, the proposed development is poised to add 85 units to a fast growing area east of Crater Lake Avenue near Ford Drive.

The parcels, strategically positioned and zoned as MFR-20 (Multiple Family Residential, twenty units per gross acre), offer a unique opportunity to create a community within the heart of an already established area of northeast Medford. The pre-application introduces a plan that envisions 85 apartments and townhome dwellings, catering to market-rate renters currently.

Fronted by Koonce Street along its easterly boundary and bisected by the future extension of Ford Drive, the development is designed to maximize the land parcels. The proximity to key transportation arteries ensures convenient connectivity to already established infrastructure.

The pre-application provided a platform for stakeholders, city officials, and developers to engage in a constructive dialogue about the project’s potential impact and benefits.

As the project moves forward, further planning and collaboration will play a pivotal role in shaping the final blueprint. Medford Alert will continue to monitor this development and provide updates if approved

Source: City of Medford

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