Gunshot Fired During Large Fight at West Medford Park

Medford Police (MPD) confirmed with Medford Alert that Tuesday evening at approximately 9:39p, a gunshot was fired during a large fight involving juveniles. The incident took place at Lewis Park in west Medford. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and authorities have assured the community that there is no ongoing threat.

The incident was reported to 911 by a concerned citizen who witnessed the altercation. Responding to the call, members of MPD Team 4 & 6 arrived at the scene to conduct an investigation. Several witnesses were located and interviewed to gather information about the incident.

As per the investigation findings, the altercation was a scheduled fight between two individuals, which was advertised on social media. Approximately 25-30 juveniles gathered at the park to witness the confrontation. However, just as the fight was about to begin, someone in the crowd revealed a handgun, causing panic among the spectators.

The crowd then quickly dispersed, with people fleeing the park on foot and in vehicles. The individual with the handgun quickly left the scene in a vehicle, firing a shot in the air as they drove away. Authorities were able to locate and collect a casing from the scene as evidence.

Despite obtaining detailed statements from six witnesses, the identities of the persons involved in the fight and the individual with the handgun remain unknown. Witnesses were unable to provide accurate descriptions of the suspect vehicle, adding to the challenges of the ongoing investigation.

Law enforcement is working diligently to gather further information and ensure the safety of the community. They have chosen not to release suspect information at this time to avoid any potential interference with the investigation.

Residents are urged to contact authorities if they have any relevant information that could aid the investigation.

Medford Alert will continue to monitor this incident for any further developments.

Source: MPD

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