Amazon Buys $5.5 Million Chunk of Land Near Costco

Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, has recently acquired a sprawling 17-acre parcel of land located off Table Rock Rd and Airport Road in Central Point. According to official records, the purchase was finalized for nearly $5.5 million last week, garnering attention from local residents and business enthusiasts alike.

Medford Alert contacted Amazon for comments regarding the land purchase. In response, Steve Kelly, a representative from Amazon, confirmed the acquisition, stating, “We can confirm that this property was purchased last week. Plans for this piece of property are in the very early stages, we look forward to sharing more in the future.”

The news of Amazon’s acquisition has sparked curiosity within the community, with speculations arising about the potential developments the company may have in mind for this sizeable piece of land. As Amazon’s nearest Oregon warehouses currently reside in the Salem area, the purchase in Jackson County could signify the company’s intention to expand its operations in the region.

The strategic location of the 17-acre parcel, situated near Table Rock and Airport Road, offers Amazon an advantageous position for future endeavors. Given the company’s track record of making strategic investments to bolster its distribution network, many are wondering if the new acquisition will lead to the establishment of a fulfillment center or distribution hub in the area.

The arrival of Amazon’s facilities could potentially bring a multitude of benefits to the local economy, such as job opportunities, increased tax revenue, and improved logistics infrastructure. Additionally, it could facilitate faster and more efficient deliveries for customers in the region.

While Amazon’s official immediate plans for the property remain undisclosed, the company’s proactive approach to expanding its presence has piqued interest among investors and developers in Jackson County. The prospect of a major player like Amazon entering the local market has sparked discussions about the potential impact on the region’s economic landscape.

As the situation develops, Medford Alert will closely monitor any further announcements from Amazon and provide updates on the company’s plans for the newly acquired land.