Crews Hope to Use “Favorable Conditions” in Flat Fire Firefight

As of tonight, a total of 908 personnel are working the Flat Fire. The firefighting efforts are supported by an array of resources, including 10 engines, 34 crews, 4 bulldozers, 2 water tenders, and 7 masticators. Additionally, 8 helicopters and an array of air tankers are being deployed to help tackle the fire from the air.

Firefighters have made significant progress in securing the northern section of the fire, enhancing protection for the community of Agness. In the northeast, falling modules and feller-bunchers are being utilized to cut down trees, effectively creating control lines. Meanwhile, control lines have been established on the western side, extending from Illinois River to Wildhorse Lookout.

Although minimal spread has been observed to the north, the west flank remains the most active part of the fire. In the southeast, where the fire is burning in the Klondike Fire burn scar, fire activity is more moderate. This area has experienced two spot fires during the past week.

The night shift crews will work to capitalize on favorable conditions to conduct controlled burnout operations on the western flank. This strategy aims to curtail the fire’s progress and gain further control over the blaze.

The Curry County Sheriff’s Office has issued evacuation notices for the region from Agness to Quosatana Creek. Affected residents are being informed through the Everbridge notification system, which sends evacuation notices directly via phone.

In response to the wildfire, the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest has implemented a closure order for the fire area, including trails, roads, and a portion of the Illinois River. Increased fire traffic in the region demands caution while driving to ensure the safety of both responders and the public.

The wildfire incident has seen some relief as marine air has moved into the area, providing favorable conditions for firefighting efforts. The forecast predicts the continuation of this marine air pattern for several days, which could aid in controlling the blaze.

As the situation remains dynamic, residents and visitors in the affected areas are urged to stay informed about any further developments and adhere to evacuation orders and safety guidelines issued by local authorities.

You can track this fire through our 2023 Wildfire Season partner’s Wildfire Aware app.

Source: RRNF

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