Flat Fire Crews Battle Red Flag Conditions Tonight

The Flat Fire has exhibited rapid growth and is currently moving in a north-northeast direction. Fire managers are diligently working to identify access points that would allow firefighters to safely construct firelines. In their reconnaissance efforts, they aim to locate strategic positions where these firelines can effectively halt the fire’s progress.

To bolster containment efforts, firefighters deployed fire retardant on the northwest side of the fire earlier today. This strategic measure aimed to fortify the fireline and impede the fire’s advance in that direction. Throughout the night, it is anticipated that the fire will persist and continue its spread.

Tonight’s activities will focus on ensuring the fire is adequately staffed by firefighters who will be stationed at various points. Additionally, they will assess the possibility of conducting firing operations on the northwest corner, contingent upon favorable conditions. The objective of these operations is to burn out the vegetation between the firefighters and the active fire, thus limiting the potential for further fire growth.

Evacuation procedures are of paramount importance in such situations. It is advised to closely monitor the official evacuation notices issued by the Curry and Josephine County Sheriff’s Offices. These authorities will provide timely updates regarding any potential evacuation orders to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

The weather conditions in southwest Oregon have prompted a red flag warning due to the presence of east winds and low humidity. These adverse weather factors exacerbate the fire risk and pose challenges for firefighters. Overnight, the region is expected to experience warm, dry, and windy conditions, which may persist and intensify the fire’s behavior.

While a closure order is pending, caution is urged for individuals driving in the affected area due to increased fire traffic. The closure order aims to ensure public safety and minimize the interference of civilian vehicles with firefighting operations.

The cause of the fire is officially under investigation. Currently, there are 332 total personal working the fire. Including 19 engines and 10 crews.

You can track this fire through our 2023 Wildfire Season partner’s Wildfire Aware app.

Source: USFS

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