ODF Responds to Two Lightning Caused Wildfires in Jackson County

5/17/23 ODF Update: Firefighters made excellent progress overnight on both fires, and were able to complete line all the way around the West Fork Sardine Creek Fire, located northwest of Sams Valley. It was caught at 4.25 acres and resources on scene have mopped up 40% of the fire.

The John’s Peak Fire remains 100% lined and is currently 40% mopped up.

ODF will be conducting another recon flight shortly to search for additional lightning-caused fires. If you see smoke, please report it.

ODF crews are responding to two fires caused by Monday night’s thunderstorm. The Johns Peak Fire, located to the southeast of Central Point, was first reported last night. It has been caught at two acres, is 100% lined and firefighters are working on mopping up.

The West Fork Sardine Creek Fire is located to the northeast of Sams Valley. It’s currently estimated to be three acres and is burning on a steep slope. ODF has four engines on scene engaging in an aggressive initial attack, and have ordered a 20-person crew as well. These firefighters will work into the night to contain the fire.

These two fires were the only ones spotted on today’s reconnaissance mission, thanks to the help of Douglas Forest Protective Association’s air attack platform. ODF is planning a second recon mission tomorrow in an effort to continue to catch potential lightning fires at small sizes.

Please be aware that fires sparked by lightning can smolder for days before putting up visible smoke.

If you see smoke in areas that received lightning, report it. ODF will provide updates for these incidents as information becomes available.

Source: ODF

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