Mt. Shasta Climber Alive After 12 Hour “Mega Rescue”

Authorities report that a 12 hour “mega rescue” took place today for a lost climber who endured an night without shelter at 11,600 feet on the Whitney Glacier on Mount Shasta.

According to officials, this is one of the most difficult and dangerous areas of the mountain to access, especially with the weather this weekend.

Extremely poor visibility kept aerial resources grounded. USFS Climbing Rangers, in cooperation with Siskiyou County SAR, were able to locate the climber, alive and in remarkably good shape, and assist down the mountain to safety.

“We are thankful for a safe day and positive outcome” Officials remarked.

Despite being 15 minutes off the interstate, a rescue on Mount Shasta is neither automatic or instant, according to rescue crews.

No additional information regarding the climber was made available.

Source: Mt Shasta Avalanche Center

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