Community Rallies to Help 91-Year-Old Medford Cashier Retire

Update: Betty Glover, the 91-year-old great-grandma working as a cashier at the Medford WinCo, announced her retirement date on GoFundMe.

May 1st will be Betty’s last day at the register. This is only possible thanks to the more than 1,800 people who donated over $57,000 to Betty’s GoFundMe to help her pay off the fifth wheel she calls home. She exceeded her goal of $40,000 and can now enjoy her retirement.

An elderly cashier working at WinCo in south Medford has reached her goal of raising enough money to retire. 91 year old Betty Glover has been working at the store for close to a decade.

She started a GoFundMe to help raise enough money to pay off her Fifth Wheel (where she lives) so that she could finally retire from working. She stated that the remaining funds raised will also go towards medication, groceries, and other living expenses.

Over 1,300 people have donated to her GoFundMe so far. Her original goal of raising $40,000 has been surpassed already, as donations continue to pour in.

“I am overwhelmed by the support and generosity of everyone. I work at WinCo at the south end of Medford in Oregon, store number 44. I cannot remember how long I have been there, but probably about 10 years, before that I worked at a roofing company. Thank you to everyone who has donated already and thank you to those posting this and getting it out there. I really appreciate the love and support.” – Betty Glover

If you would like to donate towards Betty’s retirement, here is the link.

Source: GoFundMe

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