Medford Firefighters Extinguish Westside Garage Fire

This is an update to Medford Alert’s live Twitter coverage of the incident, as it took place.

On Monday night, Medford Fire (MFD) personnel responded to a structure fire in a detached garage behind a house at 921 S. Peach St. The garage was adjacent to an alley way and was not a secure space.

Crews arrived to a working fire and got a good knock down on the flames before it could spread to the neighbor’s property. The fire was believed to have originated in the carport area of the garage.

The space was full of possible fuel and ignition sources, including a welder that been used several hours earlier.

No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The house wasn’t impacted by the incident and the tenants weren’t displaced.

Source: MFD

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