Firefighters Rescue Person From Ashland House Fire

This is an update to Medford Alert’s live Twitter coverage of the incident, as it took place.

On Monday, April 3 around 8:30 pm Ashland Fire Rescue (AFR) as well as Jackson County Fire District 5 (JCFD5) units responded to a structure fire with a report of someone trapped inside.

The structure fire was reported to be on the 10 block of B Street in Ashland.

The caller told ECSO 911 dispatchers that a family member had re-entered the house to save a pet after previously evacuating the residence. The person did not emerge from the house and the caller was concerned they were trapped inside. Once this information was relayed to incoming fire command, a second alarm was activated due to the possible entrapment of the individual.

A quick response and fast entry from fire crews, led to the rescue of the person inside as they were quickly transported to an area hospital.

The fire was then extinguished, and the cause is still under investigation. There was no additional information regarding the rescued person’s condition or the condition of any pets of the residents.

Source: JCFD5

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