Wild Multi-Agency Police Chase Ends Near Gold Hill

Around 3p today, Medford Police attempted to conduct a traffic stop in the downtown area.

According to radio traffic, the male driver did not pull over, instead took off and a police pursuit was initiated. The suspect drove dangerously enough, along Biddle Rd near the Bear Creek Plaza, that MPD terminated the pursuit at that time.

The pursuit picked up again and eventually went through the Central Point area at a high rate of speed. During one point of that leg of the pursuit, law enforcement broke off from actively chasing the suspect due to dangerous driving.

Video Captured by a Medford Alert Subscriber

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO), Medford Police (MPD), and Central Point Police (CPPD) were all involved in this incident.

The pursuit picked up again north of downtown Central Point and continued onto Old Stage Rd. The suspects vehicle was successfully spiked and as the tires were deflating, JCSO received permission to perform a PIT maneuver.

The vehicle was disabled near the intersection of Old Stage and Colonial Way. The suspect then ran from the vehicle in an attempt to flee on foot. A perimeter was created in the area and at least one K-9 unit began searching for the suspect.

Approximately five minutes went by until the suspect emerged from a nearby wooded area attempting to double back towards Old Stage Rd. JCSO deputies took the suspect into custody after a brief struggle.

There were no reported injuries at this time.

At this time, Medford Alert is working to gather additional information regarding this incident.

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