More Multi-Family Housing Planned for Central Westside

Developers are applying to the City of Medford to allow development of a 34 unit apartment complex. The request includes onsite parking areas and a 2203 sqft community center for the complex. The project, currently named “Summit Gardens” is expected to be mix of two and three story multi-housing buildings.

The site is fronted by Summit Avenue along its westerly boundary, and Broad Street along its easterly boundary.

The site has a split zoning with the majority of the site zoned MFR-20 (multi-family residential 20 units per acre) and a smaller portion of the site being zoned I-L Light Industrial. Generally, the parcels to the west of Broad Street are zoned for multi-family and that is where the proposed dwelling units will be constructed. On the light industrial zoned land, a proposed community building for the complex and some additional parking area will be constructed.

The total site area is 1.88 acres. Right-of-way dedications along the west side of Broad Street have been identified by the City as being required to allow the development. Broad Street is a local street that presently ends in a cul-de-sac.

The property is also located within the Medford Water Commission service area and upgrades will be necessary within Broad Street to the existing water system to adequately serve the site. It proposed that those improvements will be in conjunction with the proposed site improvements.

A public storm drain line crosses the parcel from Broad Street to connect to the storm drain system in Summit Avenue. The development plan is to relocate this storm drain line towards the north end of the parcel, outside of the proposed building areas and under what will be a proposed parking driveway area, to allow for access by City maintenance vehicles.

If approved, the plans will eventually move to the Site Plan and Architectural Committee. Once the projects gets a green light from all portions of the city, construction could begin as early summer 2023, depending on construction costs.

Source: City of Medford

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