Police Say Fleeing Suspect Caused Crash That Injured Two

On October 22, 2022, the Grants Pass Police Department received a report of a shoplifter who had fled after stealing over $1,000 in merchandise. The suspect, later identified as Jerry Glover, was seen by store security leaving the area in a large U-Haul truck.

Officers located the U-Haul stopped in a parking lot near Mill Street. In an effort to prevent Glover from fleeing, officers attempted a driving maneuver designed for that purpose. However, Glover struck a Grants Pass Police Department patrol car and pushed it out of the way. Glover caused damage to the front of the police car while making concerted efforts to avoid arrest. Fortunately, the police officer inside the marked police car was not injured.

Glover sped west on NE D Street in his continued efforts to elude the officers.  Due to the weather conditions and Glover’s driving behavior, officers terminated the pursuit near 6th Street on NE D Street.  Members of the Grants Pass Police Department are tasked with balancing the need to apprehend suspects with the safety of others on the roadway.  As in this case, officers will always terminate when the risk to the public becomes greater than the need to make an arrest.

Officers observed Glover continue west on D Street at a high rate of speed, despite no longer being pursued by the officers.  Glover improperly entered the intersection of NW D Street and NW 4th Street and struck another motorist.  The U-Haul rolled over, trapping Glover underneath the cab; it was believed Glover had not been wearing a seatbelt causing him to be ejected from the truck. 

The other motorist, in a small SUV, came to a stop in a yard a block away. He was extricated by Fire personnel and transported to Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford, with injuries. The male driver was the only occupant of the SUV that was struck by Glover.

Fire personnel, along with Grants Pass Police officers, were able to extricate Glover from under the U-Haul.  He was also transported to Rogue Regional Medical Center by AMR with trauma injuries.  Both Glover and the other motorist were treated at the Medford-area hospital and are expected to recover from their injuries.

This case is still under investigation and anyone with information on the crash or theft is asked to call the Grants Pass Police Department at 541-450-6260.

Source: GPPD