Rum Creek Fire Erupts Again as it Surpasses 10,700 Acres Burned

The Rum Creek Fire has now passed the 10,000 acre threshold as it continues to burn without containment. As of Monday morning, the fire has consumed 10,709 acres. Estimations have the fire at 0-1% containment.

The two primary fuel models are timber understory and timber litter. Dead fuels are available for consumption, providing a continuous fuel bed for fire progression. Live fuels moistures appear to be higher than typical seasonal average but forecasted hot dry weather for next several operational periods will allow additional curing of all fuels and a gradual increase in fire activity and intensity.

Fire is firmly established on both sides of Rogue River. Fire has progressed upriver to Galice, East to Stratton Creek, and approximately 2 miles uphill and west of the Rogue River towards Mount Peavine. Steep slopes are allowing for fast uphill runs with rollout, flanking and spotting up to 2 miles down range. Fire has not crossed the Rogue River to North below the Grave Creek Bridge. Fire behavior is expected to be similar for next 5 to 7 operational periods.

Aviation will be utilized as conditions allow to slow progression and to keep fire from impacting communities. On the West side of the fire, hotshot crews will work to continue implementing critical hand line to the Rogue River. Logistically, portions of this operation will be supported by local outfitters for the transportation into the Rouge River.

Homeowners on and near Galice Road can expect to see structure fire crews and engines near their homes. Crews are preparing homes in case the fire threatens structures. They are installing sprinkler kits, using hand tools to remove vegetation, and other measures to better protect homes and outbuildings.

Additional structural firefighters arrived Sunday, increasing the total number of Office of State Fire Marshal task force numbers to 135 firefighters. Four strike teams from California have been ordered as well through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).

The 12 hour outlook is that fire behavior expected to continue through the night with progression instigated from rolling debris, flanking, and uphill runs.

Northerly winds on the ridges and upper slopes and up slope and up valley winds will peak this evening with some 25 to 30 mph gusts possible on the higher ridges. Northerly winds will then gradually diminish overnight into Sunday morning and become northeasterly. Good RH recoveries tonight will dry out to near critical levels Sunday afternoon under lighter northerly general winds. Hot, dry, and unstable afternoons and evenings are then expected under variable morning winds and west-northwest afternoon to evening winds Monday through Wednesday.

Here is the link to the current active evacuation notices in place due to the Rum Creek Fire.

Sheltering operations are at Josephine County Fairgrounds for those who have a need.

Pic Courtesy of IVFD

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