McKinney Fire Passes 60K Acres, Containment Increases to 30%

Minimal forward fire progression is expected as the McKinney Fire continues to show patterns of backing alignment. More containment line has been secured around the fire’s perimeter as firefighters continue to make headway. Crews tied in their fireline with adjacent crews along the eastern portion of the fire from the south fork of Humbug Creek to Dunn’s Gulch, bringing containment to 30% across the fire.

Mop-up operations are in effect where containment is established in order to solidify the control along the eastern portion of the fire. Fire crews have successfully established line along the rugged terrain on the western edge of the fire. Fire is backing down towards Mill Creek where the dozer line appears to be holding. Contingency groups are working to secure structures. The northeastern section of the fire, just west of Skunk Creek, holds heavy fuel loads of dry fallen timber and snow brush. This area has potential to pose challenges for firefighters, so fire crews are bolstering resources in that area.

The initial damage assessment for the McKinney Fire is more than 50% complete. The initial report of damaged or destroyed structures is as follows; Of the 274 structures inspected, 134 structures have NOT been damaged, 87 residences are destroyed, 132 total structures destroyed (homes, garages, outbuildings, commercial etc.) and 4 structures have minor damage.

Weather forecasts predict it will be hot, dry, and mostly sunny. The amount of moisture and
instability in the atmosphere allows a chance for thunderstorms to present themselves. Temperatures forecasted to be in the low 100’s in lower elevations and high 80’s in higher elevations with winds from the west and northwest. Potential for gusts to reach up to 15-20 mph.

There are currently 2,783 personnel working the McKinney Fire. The fire has grown to 60,044 acres and has 30% containment. The cause is still under investigation.