Fire Danger Prompt JaCo to Ban Campfires in Certain Parks

Effective August 2, 2022 due to Extreme Fire Danger and Drought

Jackson County Parks have announced that effective August 2, 2022, due to the current drought and Extreme Fire Danger, campfires are banned in the following Jackson County Parks:

No campfires even in designated campfire areas. This includes charcoal fires, cooking fires, warming fires, candles, tiki torches and other devices that emit flames or embers. Portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottle fuels and propane/liquid-fueled lanterns are allowed.

Officials say while enjoying the forests or outdoors here are ways you can help prevent fires:

  • Use a camp stove for cooking
  • Stay on the roads – heat from vehicles can easily start grass on fire
  • Don’t smoke – if you do, put the butts out and dispose of them properly
  • Don’t use anything with open flame or that could cause sparks
  • Check trailer chains to ensure they don’t drag along the road

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