Air Tankers Work Wildfires Near Jackson-Klamath Border

At approximately 6:00p today, a series of small, isolated thunderstorms rolled though the area. Shortly afterwards, several fire-related air support units were dispatched to an area around Grass Lake, near the Jackson County border with Klamath County.

Currently, Tanker 104 is using the Medford Airport (MFR) Air Tanker Base to help fight this incident. There is also a support aircraft that was dispatched from the Eugene area.

Medford Alert is working to gather more information regarding this fire. We have confirmed with officials, that this is not taking place in ODF jurisdiction.

There is no current estimate on the size of the fire, nor any confirmed information on how it started.

8p UPDATE: Here are the three fixed wing aircraft currently working the fire. There is at least one helicopter unit as well. Unconfirmed this fire is burning in the Sky Lakes Wilderness. Waiting on a response from our inquiry.

9:30p UPDATE: All air support has stopped for the night. Tanker 104 and a support aircraft will bunker down at MFR tonight. Other aircraft returned to their home bases. Still waiting on anything official regarding this wildfire.

1:30p 7/28/22 UPDATE: The RRSNF received abundant lightning across the east side of the Forest, primarily on High Cascades RD last night.
The Slide Fire is currently ~1 acre, & boxed in last night with ODF’s Tanker 104. It’s holding as of this a.m. Jumpers were ordered, but couldn’t deploy due to winds. Rappelers are on order for the Slide Fire this morning, & a Type 2 IA crew that are hiking in this a.m.

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