ODF: Skookum Creek Fire Now 80% Lined

Overnight, ODF snd partner agencies were able to get fire line around 80% of the perimeter and begin mop-up operations. It’s estimated to be six acres at this time, located on BLM land in the Soda Mountain Wilderness, two miles into Oregon north of the state border. While there were lightning strikes in the area, BLM will be investigating to determine the cause.

Today, Medford Crew 10, two 20-person crews, three Type 6 engines, a water tender and ODF overhead personnel will be assigned to the fire, totaling 64 people.

Aircraft will likely be utilized again today due to how remote the fire is. While there is a road nearby, it’s extremely rough and requires 4-wheel drive. Beyond that, firefighters are hiking half a mile to reach the fire itself.

While ODF has resources dedicated to this incident today, officials are still ready to respond to new incidents. Be aware of the fire risks associated with fireworks and celebrate safely.

ODF sends a friendly reminder out to the public that fireworks are prohibited on all ODF-protected land in Jackson and Josephine counties.

Courtesy of ODF

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