Jackson County Releases Statement on Fireworks

After the 2020 Southern Oregon Fires, the County says they have worked diligently to reduce fire danger in and increase emergency preparedness.

Officials released the following information: Jackson County wants you and your family to have a fun celebration by ensuring safe practices and legal use of consumer fireworks. If you are concerned about accepting the responsibility for individual fireworks use, we strongly recommend skipping personal use and viewing the professional fireworks show at the Jackson County Expo.

Consumer fireworks – cone fountains, cylindrical fountains, flitter sparklers, ground spinners, and illuminated torches or wheels – are approved for sale in Oregon each year from June 23 through July 6.

Nonetheless, fire agencies respond to a variety of calls from concerned residents involving fireworks. To date, Jackson County has not enacted a ban on individual use of consumer fireworks in the unincorporated areas of Jackson County. Implementing a ban is unlikely to eliminate the use of these fireworks, and enforcing a ban is impractical. Moreover, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners believes the most effective method to reduce fire danger in the community is public education and personal responsibility.

Officials ask those using fireworks to go the “extra mile” to protect family, property, neighbors, and community from fires and injuries by practicing common sense. Using legal fireworks safely and responsibly in a paved area is unlikely to cause harm.

Using illegal fireworks or any fireworks in an unsafe manner creates danger for the entire community. ​ Illegal fireworks will not be tolerated, and anyone doing so will be held responsible by the proper authorities.

Finally, the weather is unpredictable – if unpredictable weather creates extreme conditions (high wind, low humidity, etc.), the County may coordinate a request asking citizens to voluntarily avoid the use of fireworks.

Jackson County wants those using fireworks to “Keep it Legal and Keep it Safe.”

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