Third-Floor Restaurant Highlights Navigator’s Landing Building Proposal

The proposal is a request to construct a new, 9,984 square foot, three story, commercial building. The proposed uses of the building are a commercial shell space on the ground floor consisting of 2,152 square feet. ADA accessible restrooms, entry lobby, elevator, and stairway to second and third are on the ground floor of the building.

The area of the first story is 3,138 square feet. A second-floor office space for the property owners use with open floor office for cubicle type work areas, private offices, breakroom, and other elements common provided in office buildings are proposed on the second story. The proposed area of the second story is 3,204 square feet. The third floor is proposed as flex space for either a 2,332 square foot restaurant with bar and commercial kitchen or as another floor of office space. The floor area of the third story is 3,122 square feet.

The proposed exterior elevations utilize a combination of roofline heights, butterfly or skillion style roof forms, a strong sense of entry, and material choices that are reflective of the surrounding commercial business area. The design proposes for the building to have the facade broken into smaller elements using reveals, recesses, trim, window sizes and type moditications and material choices.

The proposal provides for access via the private driveway leading to the site from Heathrow. There are 50 off-street parking spaces provided. The parking area is designed to accommodate the highest use of the site for parking, and possible restaurant use. The proposed parking lot has landscape buffering and medians, pedestrian connectivity, and a loading area.

If approved, site construction could begin this fall. Medford Alert will continue to monitor this project as it moves forward.

Courtesy of the City of Medford