Ashland Fire Says Oily Rags to Blame for Early Morning Fire

Ashland Fire & Rescue and the Ashland Police Department responded to a structure fire today at 5:25 AM in the 700 block of Terrace Street. Firefighters arrived to find smoke coming from the home’s exterior near the garage. A quick attack by Ashland firefighters kept fire damage minimal and confined to the exterior of the home including stairs, a window, and siding. Smoke penetrated the inside of the house, causing smoke damage. There was one occupant sleeping in the home who evacuated safely.

“We’re thankful for neighbors and hikers who called 911 early this morning and helped alert the resident to the fire,” said Kelly Burns, Ashland Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief who was in command. The cause was determined to be oily rags left on the back deck.

The smoke alarms did not sound because they had been disabled during construction the day before. 

Ashland Fire & Rescue reminds citizens:

• Always restore smoke detectors after changing batteries or disconnecting hard wired systems. Dust during construction can make smoke alarms go off needlessly, so if you disable the alarms while you’re working, enable them when done.

• To dispose of oily rags, Dry, Dunk, and Dispose. Using detergent in the water can help break down dangerous oils. Do not lump rags together at any point.

Courtesy of AFR

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