Driver Breaks Fire District 3 Window While Doing Doughnuts

Jackson County Fire District 3 officials are asking the driver who performed a series of burnouts and doughnuts at one of their stations, to contact them.

FD3 believes the vehicle to be a 2020 Dodge Challenger. The incident took place at the departments Dodge Bridge Station Tuesday night.

The department remarked on their social media page: Cool car bro. We give you a 8/10 score for the burnout in the parking lot. However, points are deducted for kicking up the rock that broke out the window of our fire station. If you want to redeem those points (and yourself) feel free to get in contact with us (541) 826-7100 to settle up. If we don’t hear from you, maybe your parents will see this video and take away your keys for a while. #Grounded.

Here is the surveillance video released by Fire District 3 of the incident

Courtesy of FD3

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