PPB Arrest Police Impersonator at Street Racing Event

A police impersonator was arrested during a street racing detail last week, and the Portland Police Bureau is requesting information about any other victims. 

Officers were working a special mission to address dangerous street racing/sliding activity when an officer observed what appeared to be a police vehicle with red and blue flashing lights pursuing another vehicle westbound on North Marine Drive approaching Kelly Point Park. After confirming no officers were involved, officers stopped the vehicle at North Simmons Road and North Lombard Street.

They arrested the driver, Jonathan G. Bautista-Limon, 20. The investigation revealed Bautista-Limon had tried to stop another driver. The victim was suspicious that the vehicle was not a legitimate police officer and did not pull over until contacted by Portland Police officers. Bautista-Limon’s black 2019 Dodge Charger had a police-style push bumper with flashing lights, interior windshield lights, and lights in the rear window. He also possessed a realistic looking airsoft handgun and a fake security badge.

Another vehicle, a white 2014 Chevrolet Caprice, was also stopped. It did not have red and blue lights but had a police style spotlight and detachable white flashing lights inside the vehicle along with a tactical vest, airsoft pistol, and duty belt with a gun holster. The driver of that car has not charged with a crime.

Both vehicles were towed. Bautista-Limon was criminally cited for ORS 162.365
Criminal Impersonation of a Public Servant, a Class C Felony. He was issued violation citations for Operating Vehicle Without Driving Privileges and Failure to Carry Proof of Insurance.

Courtesy of PPB