Oregon Civil Air Patrol Members Conduct Training in Josephine County

More than 53 Civil Air Patrol members from the Oregon Wing gathered in Grants Pass this weekend to train and practice for missions to help Oregon pilots and communities.

Gathering at the facility near Grants Pass Airport, cadets and adult members of squadrons from many parts of Oregon trained to operate radios, work in the Command Post, serve as aircrew and to move and fuel aircraft. Five CAP aircraft from around Oregon responded to assist.

Saturday activities included four aircraft conducting Cadet Orientation Ride. Many cadets also took part in Orientation Rides, which teach them the functions of the aircraft and its equipment and the duties and tasks of pilots. The flights took off and landed at Grants Pass Airport, (designated as 3S8). Each cadet gets five flights in CAP powered aircraft during their time as a youth member. Lt Col Vivi Wells, project officer, said facilities were shared by Pacific Aviation and Josephine County.

Sunday activities included more Orientation Rides for cadets and two aircraft searching for a simulated missing airplane, which is a familiar mission for Civil Air Patrol, which serves as the Volunteer Auxiliary to the U.S. Air Force on searches for missing or significantly delayed aircraft. In this instance, CAP used a test beacon to send out a signal similar to those transmitted by aircraft in trouble. The aircrew, utilizing special equipment on the aircraft, were able to triangulate on the beacon, determining its location. The second aircraft was given instructions to search for a simulated crashed aircraft by visual search techniques.

Personnel traveled by vehicle and aircraft from the Medford Composite Squadron, Grants Pass Composite Squadron, High Desert Composite Squadron (Bend/Redmond), Washington County Composite Squadron (Hillsboro), McMinnville Composite Squadron, Mahlon Sweet Composite Squadron (Eugene) and Columbia Composite Squadron (Portland). Leaders and trainers from about the Oregon Wing lead the classes.

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