Trooper Uninjured After Careless Driver Crashes Into Patrol Car

The Oregon State Police have released a chilling reminder of the dangers of the job and just how quickly it can all change. Luckily, in this case, there were no injuries.

Yesterday, around 6:30 P.M., an Oregon State Trooper had stopped a commercial motor vehicle on Interstate 5 in Roseburg. While the Trooper was engaged in the traffic stop and outside of his patrol car, a pickup, traveling at freeway speeds, hit the back end of the patrol car. The pickup overturned and ended up in the slow lane of I-5 on its side.

OSP partners at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office investigated the crash and cited the driver for careless driving and failure to move over for an emergency vehicle.

Not only is moving over for vehicles on the side of the freeway the right thing to do, but it’s the law.

The Move Over Law (ORS 811.147) states that if you are approaching any type of emergency vehicle, tow truck, or roadside assistance vehicle which is stopped on the roadside with emergency lights activated, you must:

▪️ Move over into another available lane.

▪️ If you can’t safely change lanes, slow down to a speed that is at least 5 mph below the posted or designated speed of the roadway.

▪️ In all cases, the driver must try to provide as much room as possible for the emergency vehicle, tow truck, or roadside assistance vehicle.

Courtesy of OSP

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