Phoenix Prohibits Sale and Use of Fireworks in Summer 2022

Last year, the city of Phoenix made a determination and passed Resolution 1079 to prohibit sales of fireworks during the period surrounding 4th of July.

Officials say the difficult part of the determination was the fact that the decision was made within days of July 4th. At least one business has once again applied for a commercial permit to sell fireworks within the city for 2022.

Phoenix authorities say the City and all of Southern Oregon are experiencing extremely severe dry climate conditions and a water drought. These conditions have existed in excess of two years, which encompasses the event of the Almeda Fire in 2020 that catastrophically damaged and destroyed property of the city, the property of many of its citizens, and that caused personal injury.

These fire prone conditions continue to exist, and they are forecasted to exist throughout the remainder of the year. Testimony at the 2021 hearing fully expressed support and opposition to the use of fireworks for celebrating holidays such as the Fourth of July. After sufficient and considered deliberations, Council resolved that fire prone conditions at that time were too dangerous to allow use of fireworks between July 1 and December 30, 2021.

Earlier tonight, the Phoenix city council took up the question whether to allow fireworks to be sold and or used within city limits this year.

City of Phoenix Resolution 1088 successfully passed tonight which: Declared Critical Fire Danger and Prohibited the Sale and Use of Any Fireworks in the City of Phoenix effective June 22 December 31, 2022

Courtesy City of Phoenix

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