Ashland Area Controlled Burn Scheduled

8a UPDATE: Authorities have canceled this controlled burn for today.

On Wednesday, April 13th, a controlled burn will be managed in Siskiyou Mountain Park near Oredson-Todd Woods for improved community wildfire safety.

The controlled burn is close to the Green Meadows neighborhood and upper Park Street. Officials say take precautions if you see or smell smoke.

  • Siskiyou Mountain Park: Trails and areas with potential smoke impact include Oredson-Todd Woods and Lower Mike-Uhtoff Trail. 
  • Green Meadows: In the evening hours, Green Meadows neighborhood may have smoke. 
  • Park Street: Smoke could impact homes near upper Park Street.

Smoke could be visible from parts of Ashland during the day if clearing allows.

Courtesy of City of Ashland

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