OSP Trooper Who Was Critically Injured Last Year, Recovering Well

This is an update to the original articles regarding this incident.

OSP Trooper John Jeffries, who was critically injured in a police incident on Highway 30 in Columbia County on Veterans Day 2021, is recovering and looking great.

On November 11, 2021, a person eluding law enforcement in a vehicle rammed an OSP patrol car and Trooper Jeffries was critically injured. Through the quick and skilled actions of another OSP Trooper, their OSP supervisor, and fellow first responders, Trooper Jeffries was successfully transported to Emmanuel Hospital in Portland. The remarkable skills and perseverance of the medical professionals saved John’s life.

In January 2022, several OSP team members and Portland FBI Agents lined the ambulance bay sidewalk of Emanual Hospital as John and Trisha, his wife, were escorted from the hospital to the Portland Airport. The two of them flew to a hospital that specializes in trauma. When they landed, they were greeted by State Troopers and FBI Agents from that state. They were then escorted to the hospital where John received state-of-the-art treatment and care.

While at the hospital, John was provided a comprehensive system of care and a rigorous rehabilitation program where specialists in various fields worked with him. His care was centered around his physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges and recovery.

John and Trisha have returned home to Portland. After spending 105 nights in various hospital beds, John told Superintendent Davie, “nothing felt better than my own bed”. Each day that passes allows John to get stronger and each task becomes a little easier for him to complete.

Superintendent Davie, in an email to Oregon State Police staff, stated, “John’s survival and his return to his family is a reminder for all of us about how precious life is and how quickly it can change. John is an encouraging example of resiliency, determination, stamina, and positive thinking and he was a recipient of so many positive prayers.”

Courtesy of OSP