Legal Marijuana Grow Workers, Tied Up and Robbed by Two Men in JoCo

On April 4, 2022, a Patrol Deputy working in the Illinois Valley observed a vehicle driving erratically in the Holland Loop area and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. While in the process of the traffic stop, another vehicle arrived, claiming the individuals in the vehicle had just robbed family members who have a licensed OLCC marijuana grow.     

During the investigation, Deputies and Detectives with the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office found that Lukas Camacho and Paul Bailon were workers of the grow site. Evidence revealed that both Camacho and Bailon began forcing the owner/victim to the ground however, during the struggle the victim produced a box knife in self-defense, causing minor injury to Camacho. Ultimately, the owner/victim was overpowered and tied up, while Camacho and Bailon demanded money and marijuana before fleeing the location.

Camacho and Bailon were found with evidence of the crimes involved, to include approximately 60 pounds of processed marijuana and cash from the location belonging to the owner/victim.

Lukas Camacho, 26 and Paul Bailon, 22 were arrested and lodged in the Josephine County Jail for Robbery II, Burglary I and Possession of Marijuana.  

Officials say the investigation is ongoing and no further details are available.

Courtesy of JoCo Sheriffs Office