Central Point Police K9 Sage Retires After Four Years of Service

Central Point Police announced that K-9 Sage has retired from the department after four years of service as a narcotics detection K-9. CPPD says that she served the community by providing valuable narcotics detection skills while on patrol but she was also so eager to participate in any event where she could meet and get attention from the community members.

Here’s a quick note from her handler, Officer Cunningham:

“Writing this is bittersweet. Being Sage’s handler has created several opportunities to gain new relationships with other agencies, interact with the public, take drugs and guns off the streets, and doing all of this while having fun with the best partner in the world. Sage’s retirement will be filled with many days camping, running free in the mountains, swimming in rivers, and being a good girl. To Sage, your drive pushed me to be a better, more well-rounded police officer. I will forever be fond of the memories we shared on patrol and the ones we will make during your retirement. Let’s go “find it” Sage!”

CPPD says Sage will be able to enjoy the rest of her life with Officer Cunningham and his family. Knowing her love of all things water, the department jokes that she’s looking forward to spending her retirement on her family’s camping trips where she can sniff out nearby rivers, lakes, or even puddles to play in.

Courtesy of CPPD