Officials Estimate 98 Vehicles Have Crashed on I84 Due to Weather

OSP was notified of a motor vehicle crash on Interstate 84 westbound between milepost 229 and 230 involving numerous motor vehicles. Responding officers were notified of additional crashes while they were arriving, and then once on scene, officers could hear crashes occurring behind them.

Initial scene response revealed multiple motor vehicle crashes along an approximately one-mile-long stretch of the road involving passenger cars and commercial motor vehicles. The largest crash is estimated to involve between 15-20 cars and trucks. Early estimation is that as many as 98 vehicles have crashed in the area.

Emergency medical responders from the surrounding areas have dispatched medical and fire personnel to the scene and are actively treating and transporting patients. The total number of the injured person cannot be determined at this time.

The Umatilla County Emergency Operations Center has been activated for this incident.

Uninjured persons who cannot otherwise drive from the scene due to blockage or damaged vehicles are being transported to the Pendleton Convention Center at 1601 Westgate, Pendleton Oregon 97801. Emergency Responders are asking that only persons needing to pick up family members come to that location.

Interstate 84 is closed westbound from milepost 302-216 and eastbound from 216-265. There is no estimation on when Interstate 84 will reopen.

Several agencies are working together to coordinate this large-scale incident.

Courtesy of OSP

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