Man Taken Into Custody After Brief Standoff

Earlier today, the Grants Pass Police 911 Dispatch received a call of a 34 year-old male subject who was said to be in crisis. The male subject was said to be in a parked vehicle, near the corner of SW M and SW 5th Streets. As Grants Pass Police units responded, it was reported the male subject had a firearm in the vehicle and was wanting to take his own life. There was a struggle over a handgun by the caller and the male subject.

Additional Police units responded along with resources from Grants Pass Fire/Rescue and AMR medical personnel.

The roadway was blocked in the area for the safety of the public. Information was obtained at the scene, the male was believed to have a spear gun and there was possibly additional firearms. Police units formed contact teams utilizing both lethal and multiple less lethal options. A Grants Pass Police negotiator began communication with the male who was still seated in his vehicle. One handgun was located near the drivers door to the vehicle and was secured by officers in order to prevent the male from accessing the weapon and harming himself or anyone else. Officers were able to utilize Police vehicles to block the male’s vehicle from driving away while the negotiations continued.

After a brief standoff and continued negotiations, the male subject agreed to exit his vehicle and was taken into custody without incident for a mental health evaluation.

At the time of this incident, additional police resources were immediately available as there was a swearing in ceremony taking place for two recently hired police officers at the main police station. Traffic was rerouted from the area for approximately 40 minutes while officers handled the incident.

Authorizes go on to say that there were inaccurate reports circulating via social media of an active shooting incident in this area. None of those reports were true and no shots were fired during this entire event.

Courtesy of GPPD

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