Medford Police Update on Search for November Bank Robber

Back on November 11th, 2021, the First Interstate Bank at 2646 E. Barnett Road was robbed.

Medford Police released the surveillance photo at that time, and an alert resident noticed the “Starter” jacket worn by the suspect, as the jacket they had just donated to Goodwill.

Police then found video of the suspect buying the clothing used in the robbery, just 2 hours and 10 minutes prior to the robbery.

Here are pictures of the suspect buying the clothing in Goodwill, in case anyone can recognize him.

One unique thing about him is his pants were rolled up.

Anyone with information, please call Detective Bill Ford, 541-774-2236. If anyone was at the Goodwill Store, 1241 S. Riverside, on November 11th, at 3:16p.

Courtesy of MPD