Oregon Department of Administrative Services Accidentally Disclosed Employee COVID Data

Yesterday all state employees received an email from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) telling them it accidentally disclosed COVID-19 vaccination and exception status for all Executive Branch employees to The Oregonian and Salem Statesman Journal. 

The email sent to employees goes on to say that the “DAS data disclosure is distressing and effects your sense of safety. We take data protection and confidentiality very seriously and understand the DAS data disclosure is upsetting for many of us. We value data and information, and we respect the importance of privacy and keeping health information protected”.

The data contained employee names and their vaccination status but did not include additional personal information such as home addresses or Social Security Numbers. 

The Oregonian and Statesman Journal publicly stated they will not publish the data. The Statesman Journal said it deleted the file.

This is an email sent to workers. We’ve cropped out the individual’s info at their request.