No Injuries Reported in Evening Residential Fire Near Downtown

This is an update to Medford Alert’s previous live coverage of the incident, as it happened.

On Monday night, at approximately 10:30 p.m., the Medford Fire Department and Fire District 3 responded to an alarm received from Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon (ECSO 911). The emergency call reported a residential structure fire at 1128 W. 4th St., Medford.

Upon reaching the scene, firefighting crews were met with an active fire in duplex apartment, The fire was believed to have originated from a dryer within one of the units and had believed to have spread beyond its initial point of ignition.

Medford Police assisted in precautionary evacuations of nearby units. And also utilized officers for traffic control near the incident.

Despite the rapidly developing threat, fire personnel were able to contain the fire to the unit where it had started. No injuries were reported among the apartment’s occupants or responding firefighters.

Residents are encouraged to check their fire prevention measures and equipment, including dryers, to minimize the risk of such incidents.

Source: MFD

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