Oregon Juvenile Shoots at Deputy After Dangerous Car Pursuit

In a shocking incident on Saturday evening, a routine traffic stop took a dangerous turn as a stolen vehicle led Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies on a pursuit that ended with a gunshot fired at law enforcement.

At approximately 7:48 pm on September 9, 2023, a deputy with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office attempted to pull over a 2012 Honda Fit in Rickreall, OR. The vehicle had been reported stolen earlier in the day in Salem. Instead of complying with the traffic stop, the driver of the stolen Honda Fit accelerated and fled southbound on Highway 99.

The deputy pursued the fleeing vehicle into Independence, where it turned onto Monmouth Street, heading east toward Main Street. After making a northbound turn onto Main Street, the suspect drove into Independence’s Riverview Park. In a desperate attempt to evade law enforcement, the driver left the roadway, maneuvering onto sidewalks and through landscaping.

As the driver of the stolen vehicle ventured off-road, they eventually collided with a parked vehicle. Following the collision, five occupants emerged from the stolen car and scattered on foot.

Deputies began chasing the fleeing individuals. Three of the five suspects were quickly apprehended, all of whom were juveniles. One of the juveniles was detained with the assistance of a concerned citizen who witnessed the unfolding events.

While a deputy continued to pursue the fourth fleeing passenger along a walking path near the dog park to the north, a juvenile male from the group fired a gunshot at the pursuing deputy. Fortunately, the shot missed, and the deputy was unharmed. Law enforcement promptly established a perimeter to contain the armed suspect and called for additional units to respond.

A large-scale search by responding units led to the successful capture of the juvenile male responsible for firing the shot at the deputy, all without further incident. The whereabouts of the fifth subject remain unknown, but they are not wanted for any criminal charges and are not considered a threat to public safety at this time. Thankfully, no injuries were reported during the incident, and the parked vehicle sustained only minor damage.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office expressed gratitude to the Salem Police Department, Dallas Police Department, Independence Police Department, Monmouth Police Department, Benton County Sheriff’s Office, and the Oregon State Police for their collaboration in bringing this incident to a peaceful resolution.

The two arrested juveniles are lodged under the following charges:

A 17-year-old male driver was arrested and lodged at the Marion County Juvenile Facility on multiple charges, including:

  • Possession of a Stolen Vehicle
  • Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle (UUMV)
  • Reckless Driving
  • Attempting to Elude (Vehicle/Foot)
  • Hit and Run (x2)

A juvenile male passenger of unknown age, who was uncooperative, was lodged at the Yamhill County Juvenile Corrections Facility on severe charges, including:

  • Attempted Murder (Of a Police Officer)
  • Unlawful Use of a Firearm

Source: PCSO

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