Overheating HVAC Unit Cause of Smoke in East Medford Medical Building

On Saturday September 2, Medford Fire Department (MFD) Truck 13 Crew responded to an alarm sounding at an east Medford medical building.

Upon entering the facility, they discovered smoke had infiltrated the much of the interior.

In an effort to assess and mitigate the situation, the crew launched a thorough investigation. MFD personnel soon pinpointed the source of the issue: an overheated HVAC unit on the building’s rooftop. This malfunctioning unit had not only triggered the alarm but had also pushed smoke into the interior spaces of the medical building.

With the source identified, the Medford Fire Department remained on the scene to carry out necessary measures. Their primary objective was to ensure the complete clearing of the smoke from the building, thereby restoring safe conditions.

As investigations into the HVAC unit’s malfunction continue, the Medford Fire Department reminds residents and businesses alike of the critical role that regular maintenance plays in preventing such emergencies. Routine inspections and upkeep of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems can help avert potentially dangerous situations.

Source: MFD