Subject with Felony Warrants Arrested After South Medford Standoff

In a coordinated effort involving various law enforcement units, Medford Police Officers successfully apprehended a wanted suspect at The Roxy, located at 1015 S. Riverside Ave., earlier today.

Acting on received information, Medford Police Officers were alerted to the potential presence of 40-year-old Daryle Dean Colbert, who was wanted on felony warrants across multiple jurisdictions. The suspect, facing charges including Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Robbery, and Felon in Possession of Firearms, had been a subject of interest for an extended period.

Officers from the patrol, detective divisions, SWAT, and the MPD Drone Team quickly converged on the location, employing a comprehensive strategy to ensure the safety of all involved and the secure containment of the area. The room in question, situated within The Roxy, was identified as a leased apartment rather than temporary housing.

For over an hour, law enforcement personnel engaged in negotiations and attempts to establish contact with the suspect. Eventually, Colbert emerged from the room and was taken into custody without any further incident.

The Roxy, a property used partially for transitional housing and partly for leased apartments, was the focal point of the operation. Medford Police emphasized that the incident was isolated to the specific room in question and did not impact other residents of the property.

Colbert, who had outstanding felony warrants and a probation status from Klamath County, was detained without resistance. While the immediate threat has been neutralized, detectives continue to delve into various aspects of the case that will remain undisclosed at this time.

Medford Alert will provide further updates as they become available.

A criminal complaint is only an accusation of a crime, and a suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Source: MPD


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