Series of Fires Spark Arson Concerns Along Bear Creek Greenway

Over the past four days, a total of 10 small fires have ignited along the northern end of the Bear Creek Greenway, sparking concerns among local authorities. Fortunately, swift action by firefighters has thwarted the potential devastation caused by these blazes, preventing them from spreading further.

Law enforcement and fire officials have launched a thorough investigation into the incidents, with suspicions pointing towards a potential arsonist operating in the area. The deliberate nature of these fires has raised alarms and prompted authorities to seek the public’s assistance in resolving this pressing issue.

Officials are urging residents and visitors to remain vigilant and promptly report any unusual or suspicious activities observed along the Greenway. This collaborative effort is essential in helping law enforcement swiftly apprehend the individual(s) responsible and prevent any future incidents.

To facilitate reporting, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office recommends utilizing the “Submit a Tip” feature on their Sheriff’s App. This convenient tool allows citizens to share information anonymously, contributing to the ongoing investigation. The Sheriff’s App can be downloaded via the following link: Sheriff’s App Download Link.

Alternatively, community members are encouraged to contact the JCSO Tip Line directly at (541) 774-8333 to provide valuable tips or information. In case of witnessing a crime in progress or observing the ignition of a fire, citizens are reminded to immediately dial 911 to ensure swift response from emergency services.

Source: JCSO

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