Prescott Park Temporarily Closed Amid Red Flag Warning

In response to the ongoing Red Flag Warning, City of Medford officials have announced the temporary closure of Prescott Park at Roxy Ann Peak park to the public. The safety measure aims to mitigate the risk of fires and ensure the well-being of both visitors and the surrounding environment.

The Red Flag Warning, issued by local authorities, indicates heightened fire danger due to a combination of dry weather conditions, low humidity, and gusty winds. These conditions increase the likelihood of fires spreading rapidly and pose a potential threat to public safety.

During the closure, access to Prescott Park will be restricted, including all recreational activities and gatherings. Park officials urge the public to adhere to the closure and exercise caution in the surrounding areas, as any spark could lead to a dangerous wildfire.

City officials will continue to monitor the situation closely and will reopen the park to the public once conditions are deemed safe.

In the interest of public safety, cooperation with the closure and heightened awareness of fire prevention measures are crucial.

Source: City of Medford

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