Dog of the Week: Adorable Hound “Pepper” Deserves Loving Home

UPDATE: Pepper has been adopted by a loving family!

In this week’s edition of “Dog of the Week,” we introduce you to Pepper, a lovable 6-year-old hound mix searching for a forever home. Pepper has had a tumultuous journey, finding herself in and out of the shelter as a stray several times. Now, she’s on the lookout for a caring walking buddy to help her get back in shape and to share her life with.

Pepper’s ideal home would be one with low traffic and no other dogs, as she prefers to be the center of attention. She’s a sweet and affectionate canine who enjoys constant cuddles and companionship once she feels safe with his human. Although she knows the “sit” command, she’ll thrive with a patient person who can build her confidence and continue her socialization.

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is facilitating Pepper’s adoption process. If you’re interested in meeting this adorable hound mix or want to learn more about other adoptable animals, please call the shelter at 541-774-6654 and press 5 for adoptions. You can make a significant difference in Pepper’s life by providing a loving and caring home.

Don’t miss the chance to bring happiness to Pepper’s life and have a faithful companion by your side. Call now and make a positive impact on a local dog’s life today!

Source: Jackson County Animal Services