Officials Celebrates Medford-Alba Sister City Day with a Warm Reception

On July 20, the City of Medford extended a warm welcome to students and chaperones from its sister city, Alba, Italy, in a joyous celebration of friendship and cultural exchange. Mayor Randy Sparacino, City Councilors, and department directors came together to host a meet and greet event, followed by a dinner, marking the occasion of Medford-Alba Sister City Day.

The roots of this special bond between Medford and Alba can be traced back to 1960 when they became sister cities through an international program. This pairing was carefully selected based on shared characteristics, including similar size, geography, climate, and thriving agricultural economies. Over the years, the cities have fostered a deep and meaningful relationship.

In 1985, the Medford-Alba Sister Cities Program initiated student exchanges, which have proven to be transformative experiences for the young participants. These exchanges have not only formed lifelong friendships but have also united entire families, creating lasting connections between the two communities.

“The Medford-Alba Sister City Student Exchange benefits communities and schools when youth share their experiences,” expressed Mayor Randy Sparacino during the City Council meeting. “We wish to salute our guests from Alba and welcome them in friendship to the City of Medford and Southern Oregon.”

The meet and greet event allowed the students and chaperones from Alba to interact with their counterparts in Medford, paving the way for meaningful cultural exchanges and shared learning opportunities. Mayor Sparacino, along with City Councilors and department directors, engaged in conversations, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and understanding.

The evening culminated with Mayor Sparacino proclaiming July 20 as Medford-Alba Sister City Day, further solidifying the bond between the two cities and reinforcing their commitment to nurturing this special relationship.

The Medford-Alba Sister Cities Program continues to play a pivotal role in fostering cross-cultural understanding and international friendships. It remains a testament to the power of collaboration, enriching the lives of the students and communities involved.

Source: City of Medford

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