Jackson County Fire District 3 Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Tree

In a heartwarming incident on Sunday morning, the Jackson County Fire District 3 “B” shift crew from the Central Point fire station came to the rescue of a stranded kitten. The little ball of fur had found itself trapped approximately 40 feet up in a tree. It is believed that the kitten had been stuck there for nearly three days, according to local residents. Fortunately, the firefighters were able to successfully save the day, ensuring a purrrrrrfect rescue operation. Owen, a student firefighter, donned his turn-out jacket to prevent any mishaps and safely brought the kitten back to solid ground.

Thanks to the swift action of the firefighters, the rescued kitten, now affectionately named Hugo, is in good health. Hugo has found his loving furever home, where he can enjoy a safe and comfortable life.

This rescue serves as a reminder that firefighters do occasionally save cats stuck in trees, provided the necessary resources are available and the cat is not displaying signs of descending on its own. The community commends the efforts of the “B” shift crew for their dedication and compassion in ensuring the well-being of all residents, furry or otherwise.

Source: JCFD3

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