Gov Kotek Issues Statement on Passage of $200M Bipartisan Legislation

Yesterday, Governor Tina Kotek issued a statement commending the Oregon Legislature for passing bipartisan legislation to address the state’s housing and homelessness crisis, including the urgent funding she proposed in response to the homelessness state of emergency that she declared on her first full day in office.

“I am deeply grateful to the housing providers, developers, landlords, advocates, impacted communities, and elected leaders on both sides of the aisle who have answered one of Oregon’s most pressing calls for help by supporting this response package,” said Governor Kotek “I want to extend a special thanks to the House Speaker Dan Rayfield and Senate President Rob Wagner for making sure this package was a priority early in the legislative session.”

House Bills 2001 and 5019 passed the Oregon Senate with bipartisan support. The two legislative bills will provide $200 million towards adding to Oregon’s housing growth. The bills will also take action to shelter individuals and families experiencing homelessness, all while aiming to prevent future homelessness.

Source: Oregon Governor’s Office

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