Medford Schools to Launch Marshal Program on Elementary Campuses

The Medford School District (MSD) is beginning a new partnership with Medford Police this spring to launch the MSD School Marshal Program. It will provide dedicated security in elementary schools and complement school resource officers, who are primarily housed in middle and high schools.

Here’s some information about the program, which nearby Grants Pass School District has had great success with over the years:

  • Marshals are recently retired law enforcement officers who are armed but do not wear uniforms.
  • Part of the effectiveness of the program is that they blend into the school community and can respond quickly to a variety of security incidents. 
  • They will have a home school, but they will also rotate hours and locations daily.
  • MSD will phase them in until the district has one-to-one coverage for all elementary schools.
  • They will be trained in security assessments, serve as certified ALICE instructors, and be a great resource for staff to leverage for space specific concerns and training.

MSD plan to have three Marshals this spring that will rotate schools and increase the number each year, with the goal of covering each elementary school.

Safety & security are shared values in the Medford School District and always a priority, officials remarked today.

Source: MSD549C

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